The HVAC preventive maintenance contract was something new to us

I’ve never considered myself as one of those impulsive people who jump into things headfirst.

I’m a little cautious, which has kept me from trying new things.

Growing up, my parents tried everything they could to try and make me a little more spontaneous, but I always insisted on taking my time. This went on throughout middle and high school. But, during graduation, I felt that I had held back from having lots of worthy experiences. So, I announced I was taking a gap year to travel before college. My parents were so stoked that they gave me money for my journey. While traveling, I met another kindred spirit, and we decided to get married after knowing each other for only a month. Even crazier, we cut the trip short, chose a city, moved there, and bought a house. The house was in an exceptional area and even came with an excellent HVAC system. Being so cautious by nature meant we had to evaluate everything about the property, including the HVAC system’s efficiency. The HVAC technician who came to evaluate the HVAC system also told us about HVAC preventive maintenance contracts. This would cover HVAC maintenance and any repairs if the unit ever failed to work. This was new to us, so we had to do some research before we ended up signing the HVAC contract. We knew the only way to have a functional HVAC system in summer and winter was proper maintenance. In addition, our parents had sent us a list of items to check around the house, and the HVAC system was at the top.

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