The summer rental is absolutely superb

I rent this really nice little beach dwelling every single Summer with my family plus it is the most well kept rental dwelling a single person can imagine.

  • Especially for something that is up for short term rental versus a yearly lease.

This past hot season there was a problem with the central HVAC appliance component plus the property management took care of it immediately. It was certainly much quicker plus better service than you would get from a typical rental dwelling. I was renting a locale once for a year plus I had an issue with the central HVAC appliance which took them approximately a week to get fixed! I ended up having to waste a good amount of currency in a hotel while I waited for a certified heating plus cooling specialist to get on it… But at this Summer rental dwelling it was basically the opposite. The same day that I called about the central HVAC appliance cutting down they were right on the phone with the local heating plus cooling company talking to a Heating & A/C rep who in turn right away sent out a certified HVAC specialist to repair the central heat plus cooling appliance in our Summer rental home! It was nothing short of spectacular! They had the central HVAC appliance up plus running again in a short period of time after they looked it over plus figured out what was actually wrong with it. Every one of us did not have to experience any sort of discomfort.

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