The theories never stop coming

My uncle is an immense conspiracy theorist, plus it gets entirely annoying to me. I suppose that every human has an uncle that thinks that there is some conspiracy going around that is set out to destroy average people in truly small towns. He is consistently focusing on unusual theories, plus everyone has grown used to his antics. However, I think his latest theory is the craziest theory that I heard yet, plus I can’t assume at this point that there are people that are still listening to him. According to our uncle, these days HVAC technology is being used to destroy civilization. My uncle doesn’t feel that aliens are giving us HVAC technology or anything such as that, but he believes that the world’s elite has created HVAC corporations in order to slowly condition humans to be weaker than they used to be. Now remember what the world was before HVAC units? While you might suppose that the world must have been pretty terrible without HVAC units, the truth is that people were far more productive without using HVAC units. People used to work really hard while I was in the summertime plus Winter without the benefit of HVAC units. We learned how to survive plus thrive in uncomfortable circumstances without the express luxury of a central cooling system. However, now that the host of central cooling systems plus the gas furnaces have been developed for years, humans have been conditioned to work plus stay inside with the HVAC units while doing nothing outdoors. My uncle believes that this makes humans far easier to control.
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