This is how you make divinity

When I was 12-14 years old, I could honestly make some killer divinity.

I used my great Grandma’s recipe plus would send boxes of the candy to my uncle who was stationed in Germany with the Army. For the uninformed, divinity is a tasty candy that is basically pure sugar. The complication with divinity is it cannot be made on a humid afternoon. My mother would not even let me attempt to make it unless it was a very nice afternoon. I never understood the reason behind her steadfastness on this particular issue. Now I know, it will not set up – just take my word for it plus don’t try. Once I got married plus had my own household plus kitchen, I thought I would try my hand at making this charming candy once again. Our household had an a/c to control the humidity so I should not have a severe issues. Well I was wrong. While the a/c device did help control the humidity plus keep the kitchen cool while cooking, It seemed I had lost the touch entirely. Several more attempts were made to make this charming treat, each time keeping the household as cool plus as humidity free as possible. I put the a/c device to the test to get the humidity to a level that would allow me to get my candy to my pre-teen standards. I was cool plus comfortable in my kitchen, however to no avail. It appeared it was going to take more than an a/c device to recreate my childhood treats. Perhaps Mother was right – you had to have a pretty afternoon to make pretty divinity.



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