This wasn’t a good gig anymore

I remember when I was in university back in the day; I had to take any task available to me.

  • I wasn’t lucky enough to have a full scholarship fiddle that paid for every university expense.

I liked to celebrate with my friends, and I liked to eat my food. I had to have a task. My number one task was when I was a pizza delivery guy. The nearest pizza shop I worked for had a car for me to use, and it worked undoubtedly well. My very number one section of that car was the Heating and Air Conditioning system. It didn’t honestly matter what the weather was like, that Heating and Air Conditioning method kept me more than comfortable. I was used to a switch that flipped from heating to air conditioning. In this particular car, I had weather conditions control. All I did was set the temperature control to my exact desired temperature, and I got heating or air conditioning, depending on the state of the outside temperature. Once I graduated from university, I never thought I would actually have to supply pizza again. With the onset of the Coronavirus, I was finding myself living without a task again. It seemed the only tasks that were open were those that had delivery service. But now, the pizza deliveries I was making were being made in my own car. I had a fairly nice car in my possession, and it had excellent heating and air conditioning. I would be nice to have a ‘supplier’ car to drive instead of using my own vehicle. At least I have excellent Heating and Air Conditioning to keep me totally comfortable.

Electric fireplace

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