Tough choices

Ever since I have found out about some energy saving tips regarding using portable oil oil furnaces plus cooling systems I have been faced with a strenuous decision to make, then should I really get rid of our central heating plus cooling system or should I keep it? I bought several space oil oil furnaces to heat our condo in the Winter months.

And after that I bought a ductless mini split cooling system for the living room.

I also bought a portable cooling system for the study room. This all pretty much takes care of our heating, ventilation and A/C needs! Having the central heating plus cooling component really has no reason anymore. However I am on the fence about getting rid of it all together. There may be some afternoons or afternoons throughout the course of the year where the temperature is so cold or hot, that the portable heat plus cooling system products may not be enough to heat or cool our house. This happened only one time so far since i’ve been on this energy saving kick. This is why it is a really strenuous decision to make. I am sure you are resting there saying to yourself “what is the difference if the central heating plus cooling system is there or not?”. Well the answer to that question is that it takes up a lot of space in our backyard when our young cousins come over to visit! They can’t play in the backyard because of the large aged central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system being in the way. It really is a major hassle to be honest.


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