We are entirely happy with our summer rental

I rent this one nice little beach property every single warm season with our family & it is the most well kept rental properties I have rented.

Especially for something that is up for short term rental versus a yearly lease.

This past warm season there was a certain complication with the central heating & a/c equipment & the property management took care of it in no time.It was really much quicker & better service than you would actually get from a common rental property. I was renting a place one time for a year & I had a major issue with the central heating & a/c equipment which took them nearly a week to get taken care of! I ended up having to waste a ton of money in a hotel while I waited for a certified heating & cooling specialist to get on it. At this Summer rental on the other hand it was the total reverse. The same day that I reached out about the central heating & a/c equipment breaking down they were right on the telephone to the local heating & cooling supplier talking to a Heating & Air Conditioning rep who in turn right away sent out a certified heating & a/c specialist to service the central heat & a/c equipment in our Summer rental property! It was nothing short of phenomenal! They had the central heating & a/c equipment up & running again in about a little under an hour after they looked it over & figured out what was actually wrong with it. Every one of us did not have to experience any discomfort in the least.


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