We Finally Have Some Sun Back Again

It’s been cloudy and rainy the past two weeks with no sun but finally today I see some blue skies and sunshine.

I need to get outside today, if only for a little while, since I was in my house all day yesterday with a nasty cold.

I think getting a little bit of sun will be good for my immune system, along with a good dose of fresh air since I’ve been cooped up in this flat for so long. I do feel grateful that I have the freedom to leave and go wherever I want, some people can’t. The HVAC business is having a sale on their smart thermostats and I would like to check them out because my thermostat is getting ready to call it quits soon. I think it was built about 20 years ago, but I don’t like to throw things out unless they really warrant it, and this one looks like it is about done. I am willing to spend $75 on a smart thermostat, as long as it is programmable and wifi ready. I think I am going to head out after writing this article and take a ride along the coast as it is really sunny now and I haven’t been outside in almost 2 days. I may stop by the local contractor to see if he wants to go for a ride with me, we usually ride each morning at the same time. I think he has a foldable bike like me and I really like this kind of bike because it is easy to get in the elevator.
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