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One of our preferred gifts that our parents bought me in early childhood was our bike.

I used that bike almost quarterly until I was numerousand they bought me a larger 1.

The people I was with and I had a lot of trails near the new home leading to the perimeter of our yard at the edge of the adjacent nature preserve. My larger bike was a mountain bike made for off road trails and roads, and I truly put that bike to great use in that nature preserve. There were hundreds of acres in total and I knew the place love the back of our hand by the time I reached middle school graduation and was ready to leave the space for school. Unluckyly, I wasn’t able to take our bike with me to campus and I stopped getting exercise aside from walking to classes everyday on campus. Don’t get me wrong, our undergraduate school has a big campus and this walking wasn’t for the faint at heart. Still, I got more exercise riding our bike on those nature trails in middle school than I ever got walking to our classes during undergraduate school. It took me becoming a gym rodent in our mid 20s to lose all of the weight I had acquired in the years since. Now I don’t go longer than a month in between gym visits, even during months when I’m considerably busy with job commitments of varying kinds. I’m fairly self-explanatory and straightforward with our workout sessions. When I needed to lose weight I would shave off calories doing cardio before heading to the weight room for strength training. While I do more strength training these days when I’m at our local fitness center, I also care about taking advantage of their yoga classes for flexibility, endurance, and mindfulness.



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