What exactly is air conditioner usage?

When I was in school I had the most stupid writing assignment I recognize I ever had in my life! It was for English class, but and what they wanted us to do was to write a paper on what exactly air conditioner is! What is that supposed to mean? Air conditioning is just what it says! It’s cool air that comes through some sort of air vents and cools your beach home or space you are in! But that’s not what they meant.

  • They wanted us to find more information on air conditioner and get scientific about it, then why would you even care about the calculus of air conditioner? This was English class! Not a university where you’re shooting to get a certification to become a heating and air conditioner specialist.

Never the less I had to do it. It was required to pass the class. So I had to go to the local Borders and see if I could find books with more information on air conditioner and its history. I wish every one of us had internet and websites back then. It would have made the task a lot easier! I honestly could not find a book in the world in that Borders about what exactly air conditioner was! It was the most stupid question on earth! Long story short, I ended up failing the paper and class. I just wrote a paper stating how stupid the whole assignment was. I ended up getting sent to detention for a week as a result, then but the rest of the class got a fantastic laugh out of it… For the record, no one passed.


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