Who takes care of the HVAC system?

Living in a rural area was constantly a dream of mine for most of my life.

I couldn’t wait to get out of the city.

When I could afford to buy a house, I knew I was easily going to buy a beach house out in the middle of nowhere. It didn’t take long at all for me to find the perfect house. The beach house was in the middle of nowhere, the property was lovely, and our nearest friend was about half a mile away. I welcomed Summer when it finally arrived. I couldn’t know how much cooler it was in my brand new apartment than in the city. I could open windows and I had a breeze blowing through the house without smog. I only had to use the air conditioning for a couple of weeks. When Wintertide finally arrived, I knew it was going to be just the opposite. The breeze of Summer was easily going to be a Wintertide wind. My only worry was whether my gas furnace was going to hold up in the cold. I wanted to call the local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and have a real Heating and Air Conditioning professional come out and repair the gas furnace long before Wintertide actually began. I couldn’t find the iPhone number for a Heating and Air Conditioning supplier in the town. When I went into town, I asked the clerk at the grocery store, if anyone knew who owned the local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier? She just looked at me and then told me that the nearest Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was in the next town.


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