Why should I even consider working as an HVAC technician?

Honestly, I don’t understand why I should even consider working as an HVAC technician when it seems so obviously terrible.

Now, I know that there might be HVAC technicians that are reading this right now that are probably upset with me for even saying that working as an HVAC technician might be boring, but I am willing to stand by my statement.

I really don’t think that working on an HVAC unit is a great job, and I would never consider working as an HVAC technician. For one thing, have you ever noticed where HVAC units are located? HVAC units are always located in the most inconvenient parts of our house, and that is where HVAC technicians have to work in order to fix your furnace or central air conditioner. These HVAC technicians get dirty and uncomfortable working on your HVAC units, and they have to do this every day. Working on HVAC units outside exposes them to the worst conditions that you can work in. Furthermore, HVAC technicians don’t even make a lot of money. As a consumer, you might feel that HVAC technicians make too much because of how much they charge you to fix your HVAC unit. However, the truth is that HVAC technicians make a smaller salary compared to the rest of the careers in our country. I am sure that there are people that simply work as HVAC technicians because they love their job, but I know that I would not enjoy working as an HVAC technician. Can any HVAC technicians tell me why they love working as HVAC technicians?

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