56** Installing the gutters was more challenging than I expected

It wasn’t too exciting when I was fixing the gutters the other day.

It was a very overheated day, but this work had to be done. We had just bought this house not so long ago and one issue was that the gutters were damaged. Most of the gutters were okay around the property, but the ones in the front were really bad. Because the rest of the house was so nice and there was a fireplace, we felt we could not pass up on this place, so we went for it despite the fact that the gutters were bad and there was no official air conditioning system. Fortunately before I went to install new gutters and fix whatever was salvageable, I installed a ductless mini split. Trust me, there is no way I would have had the motivation to fix the gutters if there was no air conditioning to escape to. So I was out there sweating profusely. What I thought was going to be a simple job somehow became more complicated than I anticipated. I had to be very careful about the slope of the gutters and I had to make sure the slope was consistent all the way across. It seems like something that is so easy, but it becomes difficult when you are doing everything by yourself. Maybe it was just my fear of heights and being on that tall ladder. I was always worried about falling over while trying to anchor the gutters into place. Also sealing the gutters proved to be somewhat challenging and I got sealant all over my hands. I should have worn gloves. But at the end of the day, I got back into the air conditioning and I was feeling so much better.

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