Aeroseal duct sealing is advantageous

When my monthly energy bills kept getting higher and higher, I finally called a local HVAC contractor to check out the furnace.

The technician completed an inspection and decided that the ductwork was to blame.

He used advanced software to test the performance of the duct system and determined that approximately 30% of the heated air was escaping through an abundance of small holes. By looking at the ductwork, I couldn’t identify any of the imperfections. However, the majority of the pipes are hidden behind walls and ceilings. I wasn’t sure how the technician was going to locate or access the leaks. He then told me about a rather new process called Aeroseal. It works from the inside out to reach every square inch of the ductwork without causing any damage or disruption. Highly pressurized air containing non-toxic polymer particles is pumped into the duct system. As the air escapes out of the various holes, those sticky particles cling to the edges, buildup and create an airtight seal. There was no odor and the Aeroseal results are warrantied for ten years. I’ve noticed that my home stays cleaner, smells better and is far more comfortable. The furnace doesn’t need to run as long or as often and there’s less concern with inconsistent temperature from one room to the next. I know that my family is benefiting from superior indoor air quality, and I’m happy about paying a lot less in utility bills. Because of less wear and tear, I expect the furnace and air conditioner to operate more reliably and last longer. All of the many benefits make Aeroseal a very worthwhile and cost-effective investment.


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