Air conditioning in grocery stores have very specific rules

I love going to the grocery store.

It’s a little escape away from home where I can be free and choose foods for the week that will help fuel and nourish my body.

I also feel like the energy in grocery stores is always so positive and upbeat. The last time I went to the store, they had a bunch of air conditioning technicians there to make some updates. It makes sense that they would be doing air conditioning maintenance at that time since I got there right after they opened. I was in a particularly chipper mood so I asked one of the technicians what they were up to. They said they had a big project to clean the air ducts and upgrade the entire air filtration system. Because of the layout of the grocery store, the air ducts are lined up in very particular ways and have to be cleaned in a specific pattern. Their service plan for the day was lined up so that they tackled different ducts at different times of the day based on when the grocery store gets busy. Cleaning air ducts at a home can take merely a couple of hours, but in a grocery store it is an entire day’s affair. Plus replacing the air filtration system adds an additional layer of time and effort. I can’t believe I stood there for so long and learned so much about this, but the guy was taking a break and seemed to also have the time to chat. It was nice to have a normal conversation first thing in the morning.

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