Air conditioning technicians are major flirts

Last weekend I went out of town to visit my family.

We celebrated my dad’s birthday and my parent’s anniversary.

It was such a great time and I’m glad that I went. My family is so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time I was there! I stopped for gas on my way back home and noticed an air conditioning van parked outside of the front entrance. When I walked inside to pay for my gas, there was a man at the register and the back of his shirt read the name of a local air conditioning and heating company. When I walked back outside he called over to me from the HVAC van. I laughed and said that his air conditioning truck was on fire. He thought it was funny and proceeded to talk about his air conditioning business and how busy it’s been since the summer began. I told him that I actually had an AC tune up before I came on my trip and he applauded my efforts to take preventative measures for my car. Apparently not a lot of people care about their air conditioning even though we live in one of the warmest climates in the country. He was such a flirt and from that day on I have deemed all air conditioning technicians to be major flirts. I didn’t really mind it since I have been single for a little while now. It’s nice to have a flirtatious conversation every once in a blue moon. We all need to flirt and let our guard down. It’s our human nature.


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