All of us bought a new fireplace, and it did not work

I enjoy having a fireplace in our house.

I have had one for as long as I can remember, and I cannot imagine our living room without one; Sadly, our fireplace that I had for ten years rapidly stopped working.

I do not guess why, however it just would not turn on one day. I was so worried that I cried. I guess that is pretty pathetic, however that fireplace truly meant a lot to me. So several memories were made around that fireplace, and my sweet hubby knew how much I loved that particular fireplace, so he searched for afternoons to try and find the exact same one. I did not guess that he was looking for one until after it arrived at our house; He was at work when it was delivered, so I was super surprised by it. He took it out of the packaging and installed it that evening when he got beach house from work, and all of us were so disappointed to find out that our new fireplace did not work. My hubby told me how much time he had spent researching to try and find this fireplace, and he said that he could not find any other corporation that sold that exact model! Thankfully, the corporation replaced the fireplace with another one that is working great. I am so ecstatic to have a fireplace in our living room once again, and it looks just enjoy the aged one, then one of our sons came over to the condo for a day, and he did not even realize that all of us had gotten a new fireplace. I told him the whole story, and he said that he could not even tell after I told him about it. I would say that our hubby did a pretty amazing job.
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