An air conditioner fell on my dad at a dingy motel

My dad and I decided to take a little trip to celebrate the passing of my mom.

She died two years ago and even though it’s still pretty sad for the both of us, this year feels a little lighter than the last. Our road trip was to be two days, so we stopped at a motel after the first day. To top off this already somber road trip, my dad had a big accident with the motel air conditioner that extended our trip about two weeks. When we first got to the hotel, I noticed that the air conditioner was really loud and sounded like it would be shaking every once in a while. I told the front office attendant about it and she said it was pretty normal behavior for the air conditioner. I went back to the motel room to find that the air conditioner vent fell out of the ceiling and onto my dad as he was laying in the bed. I screamed and tried to see if I could put the air vent off of my dad by myself but it was too heavy. I ran and got the attendant for help, and demanded he call an air conditioning technician right away. The technician showed up and declared that the entire motel be immediately evacuated due to a serious mold issue that caused the AC vent to fall through. My dad suffered with several broken bones, bruised ribs, and a concussion. We’ve spent the past two weeks in the hospital as he heals so that we can travel back home.

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