An air conditioning truck flipped over on the highway

My family and I were on a road trip a few months ago.

  • We were really looking to take a trip that would help us all relax and get a break after a tough school year for the kids.

One of them developed a learning disability, so it was pretty trying for everyone else to help her accustom to new learning strategies. While we were on day three of our road trip, we encountered a pretty stressful and dangerous situation involving an air conditioning truck. We had been following an air conditioning company truck on the highway for probably more than fifty miles. We weren’t following it too closely, but we were close enough to be able to read the name of the HVAC company on the back of the truck. We started to notice the HVAC truck driver slowly drift into other lanes and find himself back in his lane again. We figured he may be starting to drift off, so we made a move to try and speed up to pass the HVAC truck. Before we could get there, the HVAC truck began to drift and while overcompensating, completely lost control and began to tip over to its side. All of the cars on the highway began to break and hold on for dear life as we watched this air conditioning truck lose all of its control and fall to a slow death. Once we stopped, we called 911 and spotted the truck driver climbing out of the truck. We got out of the car to find out that he was okay, but our kids were very shaken up about it.


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