Bad air quality can be detrimental to our health

A few days ago, a close friend mentioned a major disaster that we experienced in the Midwest some weeks ago.

There was a major train derailment that led to a chemical spill and there were some controlled fires set to burn off some of the dangerous chemicals.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any major efforts put forth to evacuate the local residents. I believe they were given the choice and some left, but others decided to stay inside their homes. Many who stayed have been complaining about the smell of chlorine in the air. It seems that the chemical is still lingering even after it’s been weeks since this incident happened. And if the residents are smelling chlorine in the air, it means the air quality has been compromised and might be unsafe to breathe in. And while the air quality outside might be compromised, I hope the residents are taking precautions to make sure that their indoor air quality is safe as well. The air filters that are inside the HVAC units are not equipped to filter out all pollutants. While it won’t filter out all the pollutants, it is good to make sure that the air filter is clean so that it will trap most of the lingering toxins inside the home. Perhaps they could also invest in air purifiers as they are better equipped to remove more toxins and pollutants from the air. Having good indoor as well as outdoor air quality is so important because breathing in toxic fumes and chemicals can be detrimental to someone’s health. I hope the residents in the community are doing what they can to remain safe.


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