Car stocks and cooling systems

My stock dipped to a low of 26 cents a share two days ago, almost touching the all time low of 24 cents that it hit in December.

But yesterday it went up 20% and I am hoping that it wasn’t just a temporary thing and drops once again. I’ve been riding this stock for a long time and the company is barely scraping by, but they have started building cars and I know that they are going to make it in the long run so I will just keep holding and sitting on it like a mother hen. The HVAC systems in the cars are second to none and a good selling point, but the local business that sells the cars in town is not getting many orders because of the high price tag. They are selling the cars for $200K, which to me seems like it is way too much for a luxury SUV, but they must know something that we don’t know because why would they sell them for so much if not? My cooling tech buddy is going to buy one of the cars just so he can feel the air conditioning system in the thing, which sounds totally insane to me but who am I to judge. I would like a ride in one of the cars to feel the acceleration, as the cars go from 0 to 60 in under 2.3 seconds, which is really fast for an electric car. I would like to feel the heating and cooling system too, but I am more into the speed of the cars.

a/c installation

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