Cold bathroom

My bathroom was freezing cold for a while now and I was getting tired of it.

No matter how much I had the central heating on, it will not warm up. We are having some pretty cold weather right now. So I did some investigating and figured out the best possible solution was to invest in radiant heated floors for my home. Radiant heated floors was an option I had not thought of before because they were rather expensive. But to just do my bathroom in radiant heated floors would not cost as much as to do an entire home. So I decided to go for it. I made that one simple phone call to the local heating and air conditioning company and asked them to give me an estimate on the radiant heated floors. The cost was not bad at all. Within a week I scheduled the heat and a/c company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to instal the radiant heated floors. It was going to be a one day job, not several days since no construction was going to be needed. Now today, I have the radiant heated floors in my bathroom. And believe me, I no longer have the issue with it being cold from the freezing weather we have going on outside. These radiant heated floors sure were the answer to all the problems with the freezing cold! Maybe I will do more rooms in the house in radiant heated floors as money will allow. This is on my to do list.



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