Cross fit is not only for men

When my husband joined a cross fit gym I didn’t think much about it. In all honesty, I thought it was for men. I was glad my husband had found a workout program for him but I had not found one for myself yet. In all fairness, my husband did try to get me to join as well. He said cross fit is about finding different workout routines that work for you. It’s not all about lifting weights. The workout routine changes from one day to the next so that you become fit in all levels of your life. And still I thought it was just for guys. I did start the cross fit diet with my husband though. We cut out most carbs, sugar, and ate a lot of healthy foods like meats and nuts. Then, slowly, I begin to work out with my husband at home. We would simply go for a walk or go for a bike ride. We even started weight lifting in our own home. Finally, I agree to check out the cross fit gym. After all, I liked the exercise we were doing at home, I figured I might like the exercises at the gym too. I was surprised when I walked through the door and saw that there were a significant amount of women working out at the cross fit gym. I had been fully prepared to be the only woman there. I was even surprised to learn that there were physical training programs and fitness coaches aim directly for women. They even had a yoga class. Why had my husband not told me all of this?


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