Don't accidentally void your warranty!

Imagine being hit with a $1,500 or more HVAC repair a few weeks after having it installed.

  • Now, imagine having to pay for it out-of-pocket even though your unit came with a manufacturer’s warranty.

You voided your warranty without realizing it. This happens to homeowners often. Air conditioning manufacturers don’t make it easy to keep your warranty valid because they don’t want to pay for your repairs. You can avoid this nightmare by not accidentally voiding your warranty. Most homeowners don’t realize they have to register with the manufacturer. Otherwise, the lifespan of their warranty is significantly reduced, or worse, their warranty becomes void from the beginning. Usually, there is a deadline to complete the registration, which is often 60 to 90 days from it being installed. Manufacturers will automatically void your warranty if they suspect that any part of your system was substituted with an off-brand part – in other words, made by a supplier other than the original manufacturer. Skipping your annual maintenance might be tempting, but resist that urge. Most HVAC manufacturers require homeowners to get their system tested, requiring proof of the repair at least once a year. Otherwise, the warranty will become void. The worst part about skipping air conditioning repair is that it makes you even more at risk of a costly repair bill. Inspections can catch common small complications before they become costly repairs later on. Signing up for a maintenance olant gives you more bang for your buck. Usually, these plans offer repair visits twice a year, discounted repairs, discounted repair calls, etc, at a low fee.

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