Dream Sequence

Many movies contain a “dream sequence” where the lead character fades off into a deep sleep and reappears in a dream that is crucial to the overall plot.

Except for documentaries, every genre of movies uses it, especially horror movies and musicals. The iconic 1939 movie “The Wizard of Oz” is mostly a dream sequence with “Dorothy” awakening from her adventure back in her home in Kansas at the movie’s conclusion. A typical dream sequence occurs in a cemetery where people are terrorized by zombies, ghosts, and demons until they wake up and find themselves covered in sweat, but safe in their beds. Dream sequences are effective because everyone has dreams and can relate to the scenes on the silver screen. Real dreams are rarely about places like Oz or a graveyard. They are usually about everyday locations with normal people, but they still can be scary. My most recent dream sequence took me to a place where I kept getting warmer and warmer while everyone else felt normal and comfortable. The air conditioning system in my dream appeared to be running well and even my dream manufactured HVAC technician could find nothing amiss. Then, that HVAC tech turned into the devil and began to laugh as he welcomed me to my eternal fate. I woke up drenched in sweat only to realize that my kid had messed with the thermostat and had changed the setting to heat instead of cool. That kid is about to face his greatest nightmare sequence when I take away his Xbox game controller as punishment. I think I will avoid another bad dream sequence by calling a real HVAC technician to inspect our unit and re-calibrate the thermostat. I just hope he doesn’t have a devilish laugh.

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