Ductless mini split units are perfect for tiny homes

My son Wesley quit his corporate job to pursue something for himself.

  • He decided to invest in vacation rental properties.

When he presented the idea to me, it sounded really great because he was only focused on investing in tiny homes. Of course, tiny homes are all the rave. Many manufacturers are now selling move-in ready tiny or modular homes. And now, these tiny homes have become popular vacation rentals. These homes are equipped with everything someone needs for a weekend trip. They include full living rooms as well as a full-size bedroom and bathroom. There is also a washer and dryer, and the full kitchen that includes a dishwasher, microwave, fridge, and oven. The house also came with an air conditioning unit. The units are typically ductless mini split HVAC systems. The mini split units are ideal for these tiny homes because they are small compact units. Multiple air handlers can be attached to the unit, which will provide cooling for multiple zones inside the tiny home. And the outdoor heat pump is also much smaller than the traditional heat pumps for a full-size HVAC unit. Furthermore, ductless mini split units are easy to install as they require no ductwork. Additionally, the mini split unit provides both cooling and heating for small spaces, and due to their high efficiency, they will cost less to operate than the conventional HVAC system. As you can tell, I know quite a lot about these units, and that’s because I use a mini split to heat and cool my own home. While I don’t live in a tiny home, the ductless unit works well inside my 2-bedroom townhouse. Anyway, I fully support Wesley’s new career move, and I believe that he will do very well.


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