Got a nice anniversary gift that I didn’t expect

I asked my wife if she adjusted the temperature control and she just gave me a look at first

Recently for our anniversary, my wife got me this really nice sound system for my truck. I hadn’t had a nice bass subwoofer system with an amp for the longest time, so I thought this was very thoughtful. She told me how she thought about the times when we first met. Back then I had a nice Chevy S10 hooked up with a body kit and an alpine sound system. When I got the sound system from my wife, I couldn’t wait to hook everything up. The thing is, it was incredibly hot outside, in the mid 90s. Before I decided to go outside and get started, I decided to crank up the air conditioning. I set the temperature control to 64 degrees which is genuinely low, but I wanted to come back to a really chilly house. So I was out there and it took me a few hours to get everything just the way I wanted. I also hadn’t installed an audio system in forever, so I guess I was a little bit rusty with my installation technique. The good news is that all the wires are hidden perfectly and the sound system sounds phenomenal! When I went back inside the house, I was expecting it to be extremely cool. I was shocked when it only felt slightly cool, but it still felt way better than it was outside. I looked at the thermostat and it was set to 74 degrees. I asked my wife if she adjusted the temperature control and she just gave me a look at first. Then she said she thought one of the kids cranked up the A/C, but I told her that was me. When I told her that she laughed and asked me if I needed to have my head checked. She said that was way too freezing and she wasn’t about to have the HVAC system remain at such a ridiculous setting.

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