Growing up my parents were extremely hard on my brother and I.

I guess that was their way of showing that they loved and cared about us but some of the things that they said were just wrong. For example I wanted to be a flight attendant and my parents basically told me that that it’s no job for a woman who eventually wants to settle down and have a family. For my brother, he ended up not enrolling into a 4-year college, instead he went to a trade school to become a certified heating and cooling technician. My parents told him that not going to a 4-year college was going to hurt him in the long run and that being a heating cooling technician was not a secure profession. My brother and I completely made our parents made. Reason being is that we followed our dreams to be in the professions that we really wanted to be in. For me it was an airline attendant and for my brother it was a heating and cooling technician. Our parents were really upset for us for a while but realized how successful we became. As an airline attendant I was able to still raise a family and be involved in my family’s lives no matter how many times I traveled for work. And my brother became one of the top certified heating and cooling technicians in our area. I’m extremely proud of my brother. My brother started from the bottom, at the lowest technician position at the heating and cooling company and made his way all the way up to the leading heating and cooling technician manager in the company. Not to mention if I have any issues with my heating and cooling system my brother is always there ready to diagnose the problem and fix whatever is wrong for a cheap price.
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