Guessing what the HVAC technician will say and do when he visits

My buddies and I love to make bets on things, then the people I was with and I watch spent our savings per view fights all the time as well as all of us make bets on who will win, but sometimes all of us make bets like who will get back beach home from task the fastest as well as other foolish things like that, however just recently, our buddies were hanging out at our place, my heating as well as A/C plan was experiencing concerns as well as I saw another interesting betting opportunity.

  • I called to have the heating as well as an A/C professional come out that day.

I told everybody the timeframe of when the heating as well as the A/C worker was supposed to arrive. The people I was with and I all made bets on when he would show up. I betted he would be there at noon, then other friends said sooner, as well as one associate said he was going to be super late. I was hoping that unique associate would be wrong, because I didn’t want to be dripping with sweat in our home as well as feeling uncomfortable. I was really pleased when the heating as well as A/C worker showed up early as well as he was ready for business. Another associate bet that the guy would tell us about some energy saving tips, he said most heating as well as A/C professionals do that, so all of us made bets if he would or not. I was banking that he wouldn’t, but sure enough, he did. I was honestly shocked when he showed me all the job he did as well as then started telling myself and others about improving our air quality. Then he brought up the energy saving tips like decreasing the air filters respectfully for lower energy bills as well as using a humidifier for improved comfort with minimal heating as well as A/C plan use.

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