Have you gone high velocity?

So many of us use old school HVAC systems that don’t take advantage of the new technology on the market today.

For instance, how powerful is your heating and cooling system? Installing a high-velocity Heating and Air Conditioning plan in your new home this year at the beginning of the chilly season keeps you warm throughout winter.

As it commonly snows, your dining room will be nice, warm, plus cozy. A super high-velocity Heating and Air Conditioning plan can be installed in any house, be it an old existing or newly built house. If you’re not handy with your tools, you may consider just calling in a professional Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman with real experience in the field, proficiency, plus skills to help with the upgrade process. You must know a few important setup rules plus plan execution to ensure that it works plus functions well if you intend to be do-it-yourself about the project. To begin the upgrade process, carry out a room-by-room calculation of the entire high-velocity plan load to deduce the most efficient energy consumption level. After you’ve successfully calculated the load, find the most appropriate location for your brand new fan coil unit. The best position is often the attic or garage, provided it is a super safe location from severe weather. You must also select the best setting to use for your return HVAC duct plus find the ideal angle of upgrade. Connect your condensate drain to the fan coil machine plus the necessary refrigerant lines to your indoor fan coil unit! Lastly, you shall also need to connect your brand new plenum ducts to the supply tubing. After successfully connecting these components, you are now ready to use your high-velocity Heating and Air Conditioning technology.


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