Having an air conditioning service plan saved my sorority’s life

I joined a sorority two years ago and it was the best decision I think I could have made for my collegiate career.

  • It’s provided me with so many possibilities and opportunities that I didn’t know would be possible for me at this age.

I’ve been living in the sorority house for the last year and I love it, but the worst part has always been the air conditioner. I go to a school that’s in a warm climate, so we are constantly running the air conditioner and figuring out ways to keep the house cool with so many girls living there. The house doesn’t seem to have great zoning control with the air conditioner, so some of the rooms don’t get as cool as the other ones. Our house mom works really closely with our contractors and technicians to make sure the house is in good condition. Sometimes she forgets things though, so last week I reminded her that she needed to follow up with our air conditioning technician about inspecting the system. Our technician came a few days later and he was so happy that he did. He said that the way things were looking, our air conditioner could have caught fire within a few days time. I’m not sure what specific parts were running down, but from the sound of it, the air conditioner really needs to be replaced as a whole. Luckily we just recruited an amazing new class, so we should have more funds coming into the bank to be able to afford those upgrades. Having a service plan in place really saved the house so that we could prevent something bad from happening.


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