He was familiar with HVAC.

I was so happy when I met my neighbor.

She and her husband are the nicest people I have ever met. I am a single mom and I can’t afford to have things done the way they should be done. I didn’t know anything about running a home when I bought my house. My neighbor pitched and started helping even without my asking. Her husband is a retired HvAC technician and self-professed handyman. I asked my neighbor one day why her husband was so willing to help me. She said that I was taking over for the daughter that had moved away several years previously. A couple of months ago, I had a problem with my furnace. I didn’t ask for his help, but he found out about the furnace. He showed up one afternoon and told me he knew it was time to have the furnace maintenance done. He asked if I wanted him to do it for me. I felt odd about telling him no, but he said that he needed something to do. He did the maintenance and he even repaired the furnace. I was really beginning to feel bad since I couldn’t afford to give him anything for his help. Then one morning, I got up out of bed and I swore I saw someone walking through my yard. He was barely lit since the sun hadn’t yet come up. I talked to my neighbor and she asked if my air conditioning was running any better. Her husband had come over early in the morning, and he had done the maintenance on my air conditioning unit, when I couldn’t refuse his help.

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