He was supposed to be an adult.

I will never have another roommate living with me.

My last experience with a roommate taught me that if you can’t afford to live alone, you are living someplace you can’t afford.

I had rented a half a house, and my best friend offered to share it with me. I had always thought he was a great guy, but I had never lived with him. I soon found out he was a lazy slob. He never cleaned up after himself, nor did he do anything. Other than helping to clean and taking care of his own messes, I asked him to call the HVAC company for the furnace service. When I came home from work that night, I asked if he had made an appointment with the HvAC company. He laughed and apologized. He said he had so caught up in his game, that he didn’t even eat lunch. He had to have eaten something because the sink was full of dishes. He said they were from his other pals who were playing games with him. I called the HVAC company and asked if they could give me an appointment to have the furnace inspected. They gave me a date and time and I thanked them. When I checked my schedule, I realized I had to work that day. I asked my roommate if he would stick around that day and wait for the HVAC tech. He was whining because he had to give up his time to wait for the HVAC tech. I was so angry, I threw his coat at him and told him to get out of my apartment.

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