Heater maintenance is particularly important up North

Living up North has many perks, but it also has a lot of cons.

The people are generally a bit grumpier than people down South.

I don’t think our food is as great as some of the comfort food I’ve had down South before. And we deal with some really brutally cold weather. I’m so lucky to have found a reliable and trustworthy heating company that works really hard to make sure my heating system is always in pristine condition! I always recommend people setting up a heating service plan with their chosen heating company. A lot of people don’t use their heater during the warmer months, so by the time the cold weather comes, there is more room for issues to arise. When you don’t perform maintenance on the heater system, the parts sit for too long and can get clogged and rusty. When people turn their heaters on again for the winter and overwork them too quickly without properly warming them up again, this can cause the heater to burn out. Having a technician come earlier in the year to perform maintenance on it can prevent that from happening. That way when the cold weather arrives, you can jump right into using your heater without worrying about it. Having a good heater is purely a necessity in this area. I really don’t like the cold, but the job that I have makes everything worth it. I get paid well, the company culture is really honest and respectful, and I get so much paid vacation time that I am able to travel back down South whenever I want.


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