HEPA filter changed my life

What a major difference a single Heating in addition to A/C related change can make.

I regularly find it to be so amazing when a single small change leads to such enjoyable results.

And making adjustments from a cheap Heating in addition to A/C appliance air filter to a HEPA filter is a relatively fine example of just what I’m talking about. I guess it all sort of starts with some major ignorance on my part. Indoor air quality wasn’t a topic that I either recognized nor knew much about. I just figured that since the air is inside, it was entirely clean. Air pollution was created by cars in addition to factories outside. That shows just how limited my expertise was on indoor air conditions. Well, I compounded that misconception with another misconception about Heating in addition to A/C appliances. Part of my indoor air knowledge was preconceived ideas that came from the fact that I thought the Heating in addition to A/C component was cleaning the air as it operated. I mean why else was I choosing to adjust that air filter every month. Turns out, I was choosing to swap out that Heating in addition to A/C air filter every month in order to protect the Heating in addition to A/C appliance in addition to not my health. The cheap, paper air filters do nothing but protect the Heating in addition to A/C appliance. They honestly do nothing for the indoor air conditions. That’s when I was able to learn about the HEPA filter. This air filter undoubtedly traps in addition to removes approximately 99 percent of airborne contaminants. And that certainly does wipe the air which in turn provides wonderful indoor air conditions for me in addition to my family members. Now, I have less respiratory problems. There are no more lingering colds, coughs or sore throats. Plus, even my dust sensitivity symptoms are not so bad. And my immune response is also being strengthened as well.


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