Hiking, fishing and camping all wear you out so you have to cool down like us

We have always been active, we always grew up in the great outdoors.

  • We have had sunburn, sweaty blisters on our feet from hiking and different rashes from the trees.

We had painful times but we loved much of what we did and it was worth it. We swam, laughed, wrestled and cooled off by the fire. We had to develop ways to stay cool over the years, we had to develop methods and sometimes it was based on our cabins old air conditioning system breaking. We had rescheduled our old cabin frequently and we loved it, but it had old air vents and old systems like the heater and the air conditioner. They worked great but the air conditioner definitely made sounds and creaked like an old train. Eventually one summer back in the day, the air conditioner broke and we had to get it fixed. We waited a decent amount of time for the serviceman to come to the campgrounds and fix our air conditioner. We cooled off while we waited, but it was the start of devising interesting ways to stay cool when mother nature made us very hot! We had to make fans, check the insulation in the old cabin which had old wood and sturdy red brick. We made sure we always had fans, backup batteries and power sources too. We made our camp counselor buy a generator one summer too. We loved what we had going, we loved the community and great memories being made in the outdoors. We always got hot but we found a way to cool back off.

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