How to run your air conditioner in the Fall while remaining comfortable at home

Or perhaps open the windows and allow some of that fresh cool air into your home.

So, now that Labor Day has passed and the Summer is almost over, and the kids are back in school, you should be feeling a bit more relaxed. Personally, I enjoy this part of the year, where we begin to spend more time indoors because of the cozy weather. Of course, if we will be spending more time inside, our homes need to be comfortable, right? And during this time of year, while the weather begins to change, we can make adjustments to our cooling systems. During the Summer, most people will crank up the air conditioners, especially in cities where the temperatures spike around 90 or more degrees. However, during the Fall, the temperature will begin to cool down a lot. So, instead of running your A/C at 70 degrees like you would in the Summer, it would be best to increase the temperature a few degrees to about 74 or 75. Because it will be cooler outside, your home will feel comfortable at this temperature. Additionally, on those beautiful Fall days when the weather is around 70 degrees outside, you can switch off your A/C and use a ceiling fan if you have one. Or perhaps open the windows and allow some of that fresh cool air into your home. Fall is a milder season, so our HVAC systems aren’t working as hard, which means that we will see lower energy bills. Obviously, we can’t control the weather outside, but at least we can do what we can and make adjustments to the way we use our HVAC units in the Fall. All while not compromising being comfortable in our homes.


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