Hungry for some heating

I am going to get outside soon and go for a walk down the streets of my town.

This town is really cool because you can walk anywhere you want and not be bothered by a bunch of cars and buses.

I live in the center of town about five minutes from the beach and I like walking around and taking in the sites and sounds. It is a small town and it gets quite busy in the summer for a couple of months when the tourists invade from all parts of the world. I work at this small local business down the street part time doing cooling equipment repairs and really like working there. We have a good group of techs working at the place and we are like one big family more or less. Some of the cooling reps are out on the road most of the time, drumming up business and selling HVAC systems to homes and businesses. I work there a couple hours a day during the week and like my job because I get to work on some of the latest equipment and I get to work with some really cool people. The HVAC experts in the shop are really good at what they do and they are also really good at doing ductwork sealing and repairs on the road. I will keep working there for a few more years before I finally toss in the towel and go for my retirement package in six more years. I think I will still do HVAC system work but only for myself.

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