HVAC company customized our heating and cooling

We spent a lot of years working so hard in order to just basically get by.

  • It was close to living paycheck to paycheck.

However, we were able to take a little something out each month and put it into savings. My wife and I both worked inside the commercial HVAC offices. And neither of us were particularly passionate about what we did inside that commercial HVAC. But we were thankful to have jobs and so we just kept going to work in order to take care of our families. It’s almost like we finally hit the tape in a long marathon when the last of our brood went off to college. Once that happened, we took a deep breath for a year and started to think about the next chapter in our lives. This all happened to coincide with the hottest real estate market we could remember since we bought this home. The more we thought about it, the more we realized that this was the time to do two things. First, cash in on our biggest investment while we could get the most for our home. And second, we wanted to build a much smaller house that was just for us. Once we upgraded the HVAC equipment and got the house on the market, it didn’t take but weeks to sell for top dollar. With that money we splurged a bit on the residential HVAC in our new home. The HVAC company completely customized our quality heating and air in our new home. It’s simply amazing all the HVAC technology we have and this is certainly the best heating and cooling experience we’ve ever enjoyed.

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