I always thought cheap air filters were effective

I’ve been misinformed when it comes to what HVAC systems are doing.

All along, and I’m talking since I was young living inside the central air conditioning of my parents, I lacked the full story on Heating and A/C.

To me, I was pretty much only interested in the thermostat so I had the sort of quality heating and air I wanted on demand. Even when I bought my first home, the Heating and A/C unit was never a priority for me. This home was priced to sell and needed some work. Of course, I was up to it and did most of the stuff myself over the course of 2 years. The Heating and A/C unit that came with this home wasn’t the absolute best, but it was still running. When I bought the house, the Heating and A/C system was not even 15 years old. It was a great enough model and I immediately signed up for the Heating and A/C service plan. Getting the official Heating and A/C repair easily did help extend the life of that residential Heating and A/C. But when I came to the point where it was time to substitute the heating and cooling comfort inside my home, I got to learn so much. For the first time, I completely understood how important the Heating and A/C component can be when it comes to your respiratory health. I typically thought those cheap air filters I was using were helping to clean the air. But they did nothing but protect the Heating and A/C equipment. So when I replaced the residential Heating and A/C I had the Heating and A/C company install a whole home air cleaner as well. And now, my Heating and A/C component is doing a great deal to provide the best air quality I could ever want.

Heating and air conditioning

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