I can’t get my husband to work out

My husband and I are only four months apart in age.

  • I am a vegetarian who doesn’t smoke, drink coffee or eat any processed foods.

I workout every single morning without fail. During my workouts, I make sure to thoroughly stretch, put in at least 30 minutes of cardio, devote time to strength training, balance exercises and flexibility. I follow a strict sleep schedule, get up at the same time every morning and drink plenty of water. I have invested into top-of-the-line skin and hair care products. I often get mistaken for someone much younger than my age. I haven’t slowed down or given up any of my favorite activities such as kayaking, running, cycling and swimming. I can’t convince my husband to workout. I can’t even get him to stretch, go for a walk or take a bike ride. He follows very bad habits, and I worry about his health. He smokes a pack of cigarettes every day and constantly drinks coffee. He often eats fast food, rarely drinks water and doesn’t do anything to protect his skin. He goes to bed at all different times of night and sometimes stays up extremely late watching television. He has put on a little more weight every year and has begun complaining about aches and pains. His knees, hips, feet and back bother him. I know these problems are only going to get worse. I am concerned that his quality of life is going to deteriorate. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t make an effort to take good care of himself. I want to live as long and be as healthy as possible.



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