I didn't know the AC fan motor was bad

I had a lot of problems with the AC in my car, but I didn’t have the money to take it to the dealership.

I decided to have one of my buddies look at the car. The first thing he noticed was a problem with the AC. I knew there was a problem with the AC, because it never had cold air as long as I owned the car. I wasn’t particularly worried about the AC problems, because I didn’t think they could be resolved. I was mainly interested in the strange noise I kept hearing every time I started the engine. It didn’t take long for my friend to find the source of the noise. I had a loose belt and it was easily adjusted with a torque wrench. After my friend fixed the belt, he offered to work on the AC problems. He told me that the AC fan motor was probably bad.Since it was only a $90 replacement part, I decided to try to repair the problem. My friend was 100% correct. The AC fan motor was absolutely the reason why the machine was not running. It was actually quite easy to replace. Once the dash was removed, the AC fan motor popped right into place. Cold air started coming out of the vents as soon as the motor was engaged. My friend fixed all of the problems with my car and he didn’t request a lot of money in return. It is really nice to have some friends, especially when they have knowledge I don’t possess. I might be able to help them with a lot of medical problems, but I don’t know anything about cars.

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