I don’t know what they’re thinking

Did you assume that there are some hilarious people that suppose that HVAC technology is from aliens? I didn’t assume this was a belief before, although I found out recently, plus it entirely shocked me. It didn’t fully shock me because I agreed that HVAC technology was developed by aliens, but it fully shocked me that there are people that absolutely suppose that HVAC corporation somehow comes from aliens. I assume that I have never considered it even remotely possible at this point that there are absolutely people that suppose that things care about this happening… People around here who suppose that HVAC technology comes from aliens would also probably think that most of the technology that every one of us have today comes from alien technology. But apparently, the immense surge in technological advancements proves this to them. However, HVAC corporations might have a sinister purpose according to the theorists that are following this. In this person’s opinion, aliens are using HVAC corporations in order to ensure that human civilization is weak when the aliens finally decide to invade earth, and specifically, they also assume that central cooling systems plus furnaces are making it too simple now for humans to be comfortable. Since humans are not chopping wood plus using their fatty bodies to light a gas furnace plus since humans aren’t active in the summer, they feel that humans are becoming lazy. We are being conditioned to sit around while our HVAC units regularly do all the work. While I entirely don’t suppose that HVAC technology comes directly from aliens, maybe every one of us should be cautious about HVAC technology.


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