I entered a wellness and recovery program after I was released from physical therapy

I ride motorcycles in my free time, usually when I have the weekend open to go for a long drive through the countryside.

Over the years I have fallen off my bike a handful of times, but I never sustained any serious injuries. I took riding seriously and was always cautious whenever I was on my motorcycle. I had friends who died after getting in high speed collisions with cars on busy highways. Still, there’s only so much you can do with defensive driving when you’re speeding down the road strapped to a rocket with no armor whatsoever. Just getting clipped by a car can violently throw your body against the asphalt or at oncoming traffic. I’m lucky that I am alive after my last motorcycle accident. A car pulled out in front of me without even looking and I collided with their back bumper going 35 miles per hour. I woke up in the hospital and was told that I had broken bones and torn tendons from my head to my toes. I immediately entered a wellness and recovery program after going through a few weeks of physical therapy in a rehab facility. As someone who used to frequent the gym and take health and fitness extremely seriously, it was hard getting used to not having my normal strength and endurance. I’m taking it slow, but I wish I could recover and heal faster. I want to go rollerblading again and perhaps even get on my bike, but until I heal I could simply injure myself more. Thankfully the wellness and recovery program has been extremely helpful from the start.


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