I had to figure out how to keep our room cooler without costly energy bills

My wife is kind of nuts when it comes to going to bed at night.

  • She has so many pillows and numerous heavy blankets.

I personally just prefer to use the one blanket and pillow, but she insists on going all out. Then she regularly complains when she is feeling overheated. At first I suggested that we get a window A/C unit for our bedroom so we didn’t have to waste all that electricity cooling the entire house down just because she was overheated. She said it would be dumb to have a window A/C unit. I thought about a good solution and then I realized that our cooling system was very old, well over a decade. I figured we needed something more energy efficient and I started looking at modern HVAC systems. I was looking for something with multiple zones because I heard of people doing that before. Then I stumbled upon ductless mini splits which were amazing because they had the kind that you could install on your own without an HVAC professional. My wife thought I was crazy when I had a new ductless mini split sent to the house, but she was singing a different tune once I had everything installed. It was a very satisfying experience installing an HVAC system without the assistance of a professional and I installed 4 zones in the house. One zone of course is in our bedroom and now we are able to adjust the temperature control settings to whatever we want without increasing the energy bills. As a matter of fact, this HVAC system is so energy efficient, our energy bills went down dramatically and we are able to keep our room as cool as can be for my wife’s comfort.

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