I like going on short road trips now that I have a car with such good air conditioning

It’s hard for me to plan trips beyond a 50 mile radius when I’m driving a car that has nearly 200,000 miles on it.

That was a problem until this year when I finally bought a new vehicle for the first time in my life. I don’t care about the depreciation rate when I know that I’m getting something that will likely last for several years without needing much work done if at all. And that has definitely been my experience with my current vehicle. I have taken it in for routine oil changes at the dealership and they’re always monitoring other portions of the vehicle to make sure everything was taken care of within the appropriate time frame. At one point I had to get the air conditioner recharged with more coolant, but other than that it works wonderfully. It is strong and stays cold while the car is running without faltering. This is particularly helpful on short road trips when you’d otherwise be extremely uncomfortable traveling with heating and cooling inside your vehicle. I did that as a poor college student and I have no desire to go back to those days. I love having my new car and all of the amenities it affords me. It’s an extremely important tool and I couldn’t see my life without it. Among all of the things it does for me, it also gets me to work on time to work each and every day. It is a great car and I’m glad that I chose this particular make and model.
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