I love the gifts my wife got me for our anniversary

My wife got me a couple of amazing gifts for our anniversary.

The first thing she got me was a smart thermostat.

I didn’t think I would need something like that since the programmable thermostat was working fine, but I replaced the old thermostat anyway. I must say, I am very impressed with this new gadget in my home. It actually lowers the energy use of your HVAC system and there are numerous amazing features. I love how I can adjust the temperature control settings remotely now without having to worry about going to the thermostat to make the changes. I can make the changes easily on the smart app that I use on my phone. The other amazing present she got me was a guitar. I have played guitar numerous times in the past but my guitar broke a long time ago. Now I have this new guitar so I always find myself relaxing in front of one of my preferred HVAC vents, and I play there with the ideal temperature control settings. Even if the temperature control settings are not to my liking, I can easily adjust the settings with my phone, so it’s perfect. I don’t know if my wife got the smart thermostat so it would be easier to play the guitar and be more comfortable, but she did a great job at getting me something that I really enjoy. Even when we go places these days, I find myself messing with the smart app and making sure everything is functioning well with the HVAC system. I love checking everything on the app, I even know when to call for HVAC maintenance and get air filter changes because the thermostat reminds me.


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