I prefer to use a small HVAC business instead of larger providers

While searching for an HVAC technician online, I came across a lot of ads for air duct cleaning.

And some offers were as low as $89 if paired with cleaning the vents on the dryer.

I have never gotten my HVAC air ducts cleaned because my old HVAC technician John never mentioned that to me. John retired last year, so I am trying to find his replacement. He operated his own HVAC company for over 25 years, so I trusted him with my equipment. And over the years that he serviced my unit, I barely had any issues with it. In fact, the only time that the unit broke down was when the capacitor failed a few Summers ago. Thankfully, John was able to fix the unit the very next day and I was so grateful because it was an extremely hot Summer. Now that John is moving on, I need to find a new HVAC technician who is as skilled as he was. Because I had so much success using John, I am searching for another small HVAC business owner who has been successfully running their company for over 10 years. It’s going to take some time to find the right match, but I would rather invest the time than opt for the first major HVAC provider in town. At times, those providers have thousands of customers, which means there could be extensive delays during the busier season. I believe smaller HVAC businesses with a lower customer base tend to be faster with their response time. Well, in between all the ads for air duct cleaning, I did find a few HVAC businesses that I will be contacting to see if they are what I am searching for.
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