I refuse to put blinds on our windows

I dislike blinds with a passion, but first, blinds are constantly cheap! There is no such thing as great quality blinds, then you can spend more money to get a cloth blind, but it still is hideous.

The hardware to install it looks ugly from the outside.

The blinds also have concerns going up as well as down all the time; It is constant service with those buggers! Another con is how blinds get dirty. The dust acquires on the slats as well as is horrible to clean off. I have to hand scrub each section with a rag as well as it is still icky, and my partner enjoys blinds for privacy though, then he undoubtedly doesn’t want anyone seeing inside the house. He feels it is inviting robbers as well as creeps; Rather than just let him put up ugly blinds, I looked at solutions. I found that there are privacy window tints available. You can get window tinting quite cheap. The window tint doesn’t have to totally black out your view either. From the outside there is nothing but black. Inside you have a great view of the outside of the house… Other window tints can offer glass protection, sun protection as well as even have fun colors for curb appeal. My partner wanted a black tint that provides sun protection as well as I bought it, however now that I have tinted windows, I don’t suppose how I went without it. Our energy bills are lower since no sun comes into the house. I also prefer having open windows without any blinds. The beach house feels greater as well as grander with every window exposed.


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