I replaced my window AC units with ductless mini splits

I moved into a little bungalow at the end of the street.

It’s in a really cute historic neighborhood, and I feel like I found a little gem! It’s a good size for a single person and it has great character.

It’s not super old and dingy, but definitely has a few things that need to be fixed. First thing I decided to fix was my air conditioning setup since I moved in right as the summer was approaching. The house came with window AC units, but I knew that I wouldn’t want to keep this style for too long. I thought about replacing them and installing a central HVAC, but the costs were so crazy due to supply chain issues and the demand of the season. I explored some other options that found out about ductless mini splits. It was cheaper than a central air conditioner, but still provided me with the air filtration system that I really wanted to have for my allergies. I met a guy that works at an air conditioning company who was really cool and offered me a good discount. Him and another technician came the following week and took out the window AC units to install the ductless mini splits. The entire installation took a couple of hours, but I’m really impressed with the way the air conditioning feels in the house now. You can definitely tell a difference, and my sinuses feel a lot better too. I can’t wait to continue making small improvements like that to help this little bungalow feel like my home.



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